lake tahune hut

- New bushwalkers hut to replace old Lake Tahune Hut
- Frenchmans Cap Track, Franklin-Lower Gordon-Wild Rivers National Park, World Heritage Area
- completed 2018
- minimal footprint in pristine landscape
- super insulated, with triple glazed windows suitable for climate zone 8
- heat exchangers supply fresh air and retain internal temperatures, while removing moisture to minimise risk of condensation
- low embodied energy materials
- BAL 19
- prefabricated structural insulated panels (timber) for floor, walls and roof to save time on site (only short good weather windows at 1000m elevation)
- eSIPs placed by helicopter into final position

- construction by Valley Workshop (
- photography by Chris Crerar (, Valley Workshop and Terry Reid
- winner of state and national environmental & energy efficiency award 2018 (MBA)

The hut is beautiful and awe-inspiring in every sense of the word. Everyone I met there was amazed with the design and all the thought you had put into hikersí needs while balancing them against environmental needs. Amazing work. It must have been really hard to get such a complex design pulled together into something that would work for all the stakeholders and somehow fit on a helicopter and look so amazing in an already stunning place. It is truly being appreciated by everyone. Sincere thanks. It made my trip.

Cathy Williams, bushwalker

I have just come back from a walk to Frenchmans with an over night stay at in Lake Tahune Hut.
I feel the need to congratulate you guys on the hut design.
You really nailed it! It is a beautiful thing & it works superbly.

Jim Gandy, Engineer & bushwalker