Welcome to Green Design Architects. We specialise in environmentally sustainable and ethical residential and small scale commercial design. Our practice has been based in Hobart for twenty years. We love Tasmania and the particular challenges our climate poses.

Green Design means:
- energy efficiency through passive solar design and effective insulation
   (for thermal comfort, low carbon footprint and minimal running costs)
- low embodied energy
- low impact on the site
- sensitivity to the unique aspects of the site, views and the local landscape
- water conservation
- healthy and ethically sourced building materials
- high quality construction and finishes
- design for future flexibility, longevity, future climate and low maintenance

Our houses are generally over 8 stars, the optimum for energy efficiency and economy. We design passive houses and enjoy implementing designs which need no heating or cooling. 

We use an energy rating tool to forecast the home’s heating requirements and increase the performance. Our 3d modelling software allows clients to explore our design and visualise the finished product. We can also model sun penetration any time of day and year, views from particular windows etc.

Our projects enhance the site conditions and values and are also an expression of their owner’s desires and ambitions.
We listen to our clients. And we love our work.



renew, Australian Institute of Architects, Sustainable Living Tasmania, Architects Declare (climate emergency), Architects Assist (bushfire), AusBale, Australian Passive House Association, Green Building Institute, IPHA